Enrollment for Potter's Clay Education Project Ace! 2018 Program is now open for students going on to Secondary 4 Express in 2018.

Project Ace! guarantees a distinction (A1 or A2) for the GCE 'O' Levels subjects according to the terms stated.

Subjects Available:

GCE O-Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Additional Mathematics and Mathematics (Express Stream)

Enrollment Dates:

Enrollment for all subjects ends strictly on 15 Feb 2018. This is to ensure students complete the entire 40-weeks program.

How to enroll:

Simply look under our 2018 Timetable for a Secondary 4 (S4) class and give us a call at 6345 6753 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register. 

You do not need to enroll for all 5 subjects to qualify for Project ACE!


A minimum grade of C6 in the Secondary 3 Final Year Examination for the intended subject(s) is required.

Please note that it is not the S3 Overall results.

Distinction Guarantee:

Our Full Tuition Fees-back guarantee is applicable for total annual tuition fees PAID for by the student for the subject enrolled.

For the Distinction Guarantee to be valid, students are required to complete the entire program (until the commencement of the GCE O-Level Examinations)

The GCE O-Level examination results slips and the School's Report Card for 2018 are required for verification.

Refund Claims:

All refund claims must be made in person within 2 weeks (14 calender days) after the official release of the  'O' level results.

Parents are to bring along the original GCE O-Level results slip and original Secondary 3 school exam results slip for verification.

Any refund claims after 2 weeks will be deemed as void. No exceptions allowed.