From Confusion to Clarity in Maths Concepts

leia2Before I joined Potter's clay, I found some of the Maths concepts confusing and even my parents could not explain them to me. After I attended regular sessions with Teacher Lyn, I felt more confident when I did maths papers in school.

Teacher Lyn helped me to understand the different concepts better, and when I had questions, I could always message her and she would answer them. I also found that I could do maths questions easily after the many practices I was given during the tuition sessions and I enjoyed maths lessons more.

Thank you Teacher Lyn!!

Leia Sim
Head Prefect of Rosyth Pri 2018

Motivated to Excel on My First Session

firdausI would like to thank Dr Darren and his team for mentoring my son. Firdaus attended Dr Darren's Chemistry and Physics classes.

He was motivated to do well just after his first session with him. He had many doubts in his Physics which were made clear by his tutor. Class size was small and he was taught numerous ways to answer the questions. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Thank you Potter's Clay!

Mdm Mohamed

Achieving P3 Outstanding Student Award

malcom tanMy family is truly grateful to Teacher Lyn and Teacher Jihan for their dedication towards Malcolm’s learning journey at Potter’s Clay which began when he started Primary 3.

Potter’s Clay is more than just a place for achieving academic success. It is a highly conducive place where both minds and spirits of students are shaped. Both teachers have extended their teachings beyond the academic scope to include nurturing Malcolm into the confident student he is today. They are top notch, caring and always available to offer guidance and support. By tailoring their teaching methods, Malcolm is always motivated to achieve his academic best.

A BIG THANK YOU to both SuperStar* Teachers for Malcolm being awarded the P3 Outstanding Student Award and Edusave Good Progress Award.

Malcolm Tan's Family
Dec 2017

Improving Mathematics and Cultivating Interest

imageedit 3 6984821427We would like to express our sincere thanks to Potter's Clay and especially you for the remarkable improvement in Jordan's P4 maths SA. Since taking your Mathematics tuition, Jordan has progressed from 68 marks for his last exam to 85 this SA. This is not what we had expected and we are very grateful.

Your patience and clarity in teaching has helped a lot. Jordan looks forward to attending the Mathematics tuition every week, which is unusual for a child.

Once again, many thanks for building the right motivation and the friendly centre makes a pleasant learning environment for the kids too.

Marie (Jordan's mom)
Nov 2017

From B to an A!

imageedit 1 5620924841You have helped me improve my math greatly. I used to have only a B in math, when I couldn't cope with the jump from p4 to p5 you have helped me to improve my math from a high B to A. And I'm grateful for your help. All I can say is thank you.

Issac Liu
Nov 2017

Rebuilding Interest and Results

Dr Darren Chua has been an inspiration to my son, Zachary. School has always been hard for him and coupled with learning difficulties, he has lost the motivation and the belief in himself. Under the tutelage of Dr Chua, Zachary was taught to believe in himself again. Dr Chua had been encouraging and patient to Zachary. We are very pleased that Zachary did better than what we had expected for his PSLE this year. Thank you Dr Chua.

Zachary’s mum
27 Nov 2016

Teaching with Passion, Unleashing Potential

My P4 boy, Zylon, is in Tao Nan Primary. My wife and I used to spend time coaching him. However, due to the increasing difficulty of the questions, we know it was time to seek help.

My friend referred Teacher Lyn to us. After the first few lessons, I could sense Zylon improving. Even his teacher commented that he was one of those few who managed to get all correct for a difficult worksheet.

Sometimes when Zylon encountered difficult questions from school, he would WhatsApp her. And Teacher Lyn would respond as soon as she could. For this, I am deeply grateful as not all tutors are willing to do that.

After just a few months of coaching, Zylon surprised us with a high A! My wife and I were exhilarated. Zylon managed to overcome those difficult heuristics questions with ease and confidence. I am hopeful for an A* for the year end exam!

Thank you Teacher Lyn for your guidance!

Dean Tan

Father of Zylon
27 May 2017

Not just Teaching, but Nurturing

Victoria has been enjoying Math since P1/2, however, as she grows older, the concepts are more difficult to grasp. I began to see a drop in her grades especially in P4. She was struggling to pass. Thanks to Teacher Lyn, Victoria managed to gain her confidence in Math and could tackle higher order thinking questions with no fear. Within a few months, Victoria made an improvement from C to A!

My wife and I are really thankful that we have found her a great coach who not only teaches, but would manage the emotional aspects as well. My girl has learnt to deal with stress and anxiety better too. Sometimes I would message Teacher Lyn for difficult questions and she would respond almost immediately. She even sent videos via WhatsApp to explain further.

The P5 syllabus is a huge jump from P4. I was worried initially. But my girl has surprised me once again with an A!

Thank you Teacher Lyn, for your patience and guidance. But most importantly, for believing that Victoria could do it!

Steven Chua

Father of Victoria
20 May 2017

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