The Potter and the Clay

The Potter and the Clay can be akin to the ‘teacher’ and the ‘pupil’. In many ways, over here at Potter’s Clay Education, we as educators try to mould the child to the best as we can by exerting gentle pressure and with a nurturing heart. And if the mould cracks, just like any good potter, we simply learn more about the clay we are handling and try again, never giving up.

Hence, we are interested in the nurturing of the child just as much as his or her academic success. We will develop a close relationship with the parents and giving them our constant feedback about their child’s progress.

As an education center, we are confident that we will impact your child’s academic success in a positive way.

However, let not all these be mere words. Come, enroll your child in Potter’s Clay Education today and see your child’s transformation for yourself!

Our Creed

  1. We believe that every learner has potential for greatness.
  2. We believe that just “as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in [our] hand”.
  3. As Potters (educators), we believe in moulding the clay (learner) to fully develop their potential by exerting gentle pressure and with a nurturing heart.
  4. We are determined not to give up on the “clay” entrusted to us.
  5. We believe that in order to produce a good pot, adequate amount of water needs to be applied
  6. We value the interaction we have with the water (parents) and recognize this as the interaction that helps develop the nature of the pot (unique individual).
  7. Together with educators, learners and parents, we are in the business of creating masterpieces.

Our Differentiations

  • We are a boutique education centre that coaches, partners and motivates individuals to excel instead of taking a one size fits all approach in stressful classroom environment.
  • We conduct small class size teaching to give undivided attention to our students, and yet allow them to learn from each other and also to interact with the coaches effectively.
  • We take the initiative to offer extra minutes during examination period as long as our students can benefit from our extra efforts.
  • We take the extra mile to debrief the parents as often as necessary, so that any learning gaps can be identified and addressed soonest.