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Learners tend to demonstrate patterns in the way they prefer to deal with new and difficult information and ideas. The majority of us are most confident and successful when we approach difficult tasks by using our strengths. Each learner has his or her own unique combination of preferences. Some preferences may be strong, in which case the learner will benefit significantly if the need is addressed when he or she is learning challenging content.

One of the oldest and most widely used approaches to learning styles is that proposed by Rita and Kenneth Dunn. Through their work in schools, they observed distinct differences in the ways students responded to instructional materials. Some liked to learn alone, while others preferred learning in groups or from a teacher. Out of this preliminary work, they identified five key dimensions on which student learning styles differed: 1) environmental, 2) emotional support, 3) sociological composition, 4) physiological, and 5) psychological elements.

Potter’s Clay Education aims to educate both learners and parents on the uniqueness of the individual student and how to adopt different strategies to yield maximum results for your child’s learning success!


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Successful Entrepreneur Award 2011

An award presented to Dr Darren Chua because of his vision to revolutionise and heighten the education industry. 

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Young Outstanding Sinagporean Award Winner 2011

2011 Young Outstanding Singaporean Award Winner

Dr Darren Chua with Minister Liu Tuck Yew at the Young Outstanding Singaporean Award Gala Dinner on the 5th Jan 2011.

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